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One of the most important elements of a healthy lawn is aeration and overseeding, which helps nutrients reach the soil beneath your grass. Ideally, you should aerate and overseed your lawn in the late summer and early fall when night time temperatures are cooler.

Aeration and overseeding comes with many benefits. If your lawn is suffering from dead spots, thin spots, or sick spots, this simple service can help your lawn be as green and healthy as it can be come spring! Even if your lawn isn’t experiencing any problem areas, aeration and overseeding strengthens and invigorates your lawn to keep it healthy all year long.


  1. Reduce compaction
  2. Increase oxygen and nutrient uptake
  3. Stimulate root growth
  4. Overseed with our three-way blend of turf type fescue to thicken your lawn, increase diversity, and prevent disease.

Now is the perfect time to aerate and overseed!

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