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During World War II Americans across the country planted Victory Gardens to help win the war.  Plant a Victory Garden now to win today’s War and start harvesting the following benefits:

  • Health and Nutrition – Even the freshest produce at the store is several days (if not weeks) old. Nothing is fresher than picking produce from your own garden and eating it the same day! Good nutrition and increased vegetable intake helps boost immunity and ward off illness.
  • Mental Health – Gardening is a proven beneficial therapy for mental health and anxiety. Gardening increases Vitamin D, lowers blood pressure, increase in the feel good chemicals in the brain Serotonin and dopamine. (Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 Jan; 14(1): 71.)
  • Food Security – While there are no food shortages, food security can give you peace of mind and reduce trips to the grocery store.
  • Save Money – A well maintained 600 sq. ft. garden could turn out 300 lbs. of produce worth about $600.00 annually according to the NGA.
  • Child Education – Studies suggest that children who garden see significant increases in science scores, improved social skills, and an increased interest in eating fruits and vegetables (insert pic of child gardening here)

Gardening Tips:

  • Sow your carrot seeds now!  Carrots are very tough and can handle frost and even snow.  Carrots do not like heat, plant too late and they may become woody.
  • Utilize companion gardening – sow fast growing crops between slow growing crops i.e. sow spinach between pepper plants.
  • Avoid planting potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants near each other or even in the same soil if one of these crops were planted in the site the previous year.  They share common pests and fungus that can remain in the soil for over 1 year.  Separate these crops with plantings of legumes such as beans or peas.


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Jensen Gardens Inc. specializes in Garden planning and construction and has been landscaping Omaha for over 19 years!
Specialties include:

  • Garden Construction
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  • Tilling
  • Mulch
  • Compost
  • Planting
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