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There are many reasons to join our Healthy Landscape Program, but the most important is giving you peace of mind that your landscape is well taken care of by professionals.

Jensen Gardens only uses licensed and certified professionals to take care of your landscape. We hire full-time, year-round employees who want to have a career in horticulture. They take pride in taking care of your landscape. We also only use the highest quality products in your landscape.

Jensen Gardens uses state-of-the-art equipment when making applications on the plants in your landscape. You are making an investment in protecting the value of your landscape.

We will keep you informed concerning the condition of your landscape and landscape plants. You will know what has been applied, how much, and when it was applied. You do not have to buy any specialized equipment or store chemicals at your home.

You can rest assured that the proper products have been applied to your landscape plants at the proper rate and at a time when they will be the most effective. This helps to ensure the best possible results. This means you are being a responsible steward of our environment. It also saves you money..  

Homeowners have insurance to protect the investment in their home. By using Jensen Gardens, you are insuring the best possible conditions for your landscape plants to thrive.

To start your Healthy Landscape Program, contact us today!