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Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Landscape

The best part about spring is being outdoors and enjoying your landscape! After harsh winter conditions, however, our landscapes need some TLC. Here’s your spring maintenance checklist to make sure your landscape is ready for the season.

  1. Trim & prune shrubs
  2. Cut back perennials & grasses
  3. Rake & clean beds
  4. Apply pre-emergent & fertilizer
  5. Apply new mulch

Pro tip: Ornamental grasses, Russian Sage, Butterfly Bush, and perennials are all good examples of plans that should be cut back to within 3-6″ of the soil. Hold off on pruning spring flowering shrubs that bloom on last year’s growth such as lilac, forsythia, and magnolia. These should be pruned after they bloom, usually in late spring or early summer.

Need help? Call Jensen Gardens to help with the leg work and handle everything from clearing out debris to refining the bed edges to pruning and shaping. 402.253.8880.

What to Plant This Season


Choosing plants that grow well in our area is key to creating a beautiful landscape year-round that will also be around for the long-haul. Jensen Gardens can help you choose plans that have proven their strength over the years. Consider planting one of these great, tough plants!

Indestructible Shrubs

  • Hydrangeas: ‘Quick Fire,’ ‘Bobo,’ & ‘Limelight’
  • Dwarf Korean Lilac
  • Viburnum ‘Blue Muffin’
  • Chokeberry ‘Iroquois Beauty’
  • Dogwood ‘Arctic Fire’
  • Birchleaf Spirea
  • Juniper ‘Calgary Carpet’
  • Nine Bark ‘Copper Amber Jubilee’

Indestructible Trees

  • Swamp White Oak
  • Magnolia
  • Tataricum Maple
  • Maple ‘State Street’
  • Serviceberry ‘Autumn Brilliant’
  • Pear ‘Chanticleer’
  • Bald Cypress
  • Flowering Crab


“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.”